iPad Lettering Launchpad

New to iPad Lettering? This foundations course will teach you the most important and commonly used features for lettering on the iPad. PLUS, we've included an introductions to editing and creating your very own iPad lettering brushes.
Required application: @Procreate

What's included?

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Course Materials and Workbook
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Module 1: Importing Files
Importing Lettering Guides
3 mins
Importing Brushes
2 mins
Importing Color Palettes
2 mins
Module 2: Procreate Interface
2 mins
4 mins
Module 3: Brush Basics
4 mins
5 mins
Creating your own brushes.MP4
5 mins
Module 4: Sharing your Artwork
Sharing your artwork.MP4
3 mins
Module 5: Start Lettering
Lesson 1: Type basics & letter structure.MP4
4 mins
Lesson 2: Basic strokes.MP4
7 mins
Lesson 3: Connecting letters.MP4
4 mins
Lesson 4: Faux Calligraphy.MP4
3 mins
Lesson 5: Bounce lettering.MP4
5 mins
Lesson 6: Flourishing.MP4
3 mins
Lesson 7: Composition basics.MP4
4 mins
Lesson 8: Mixing and matching styles.MP4
4 mins


What if I don't have an iPad? What iPads will work with this course?

Then this isn’t the class for you quite yet! This is really designed to learn iPad lettering with the Procreate app.

You need an iPad Pro or the most recent iPad (6th Generation, 2018, etc), and Apple Pencil, and the Procreate application. The Procreate application will work on any iPad and Procreate Pocket application will work on the iPhone BUT to get the best results, you do need one of the iPads listed above.

What if I'm a TOTAL beginner?

Yes! The iPad Lettering Foundations course is designed for the letterer who needs to nail the basics of iPad lettering. check out the list of classes in the course to get an idea of what we will cover.

How long can I access the resources?

As long and you like! There isn't a deadline on completing the course. We recommend purchasing it when you are ready to dedicate a little time to learning the basics however, so you stay motivated!

How do I access the course?

You’ll have access to a members-only section on the website where you can download and watch your content.

Do you offer refunds?

We hope you won't need this! If you aren't completely satisfied, please reach out. If you show proof of completing the course and still aren't satisfied, we are happy to help and honor a refund.

And just who am I?

I’m Sarah and I’m a lettering artist, coffee-lover, and my obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what they love. I purchased the very first iPad Pro back 2016 and it quickly became my favorite lettering tool.

Your requests for lettering resources handpicked by me that are high quality and but affordable is what prompted the creation of TLL.

It is my sincere hope that TLL makes lettering even more fun by becoming your go-to for resources and inspiration.