Create consistent progress with iPad lettering and expand your creative lettering skills.

This is not just a one and done course...this membership is constantly growing, improving, and changing. Unlock your creative voice and inject personality into your style. Take the guesswork out of your practice sessions! We'll show you exactly what to do to master iPad lettering.

Gain access to:

  • The 4-part iPad lettering system takes the guess work out of HOW you will master iPad lettering while taking the guesswork out of what to practice next so you make consistent progress in your skill and stay creatively inspired
  • The Resource Library has ALL of the iPad lettering resources. Procreate brushes, lettering guides, color palettes, lettering challenges, and more
  • The Lettering Library Community is an exclusive community for TLL members only where you can get feedback on projects, interact directly with Sarah, your coaches, and other TLL members
  • New content every month with step-by-step tutorials, resources, and video tutorials added every month

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Pricing Options

Monthly Membership



The Lettering Library ($2137 Value)

The Resource Library ($1297 Value)

The Community ($500 Value)

Full content support

New content, tutorials, and resources every month

Live lettering classes




Your membership will automatically renew each month.


Annual Membership



The Lettering Library    ($2137 Value)

The Resource Library    ($1297 Value)

The Community ($500 Value)

Full content support

New content, tutorials, and resources every month

Live lettering classes

SAVE $58 annually



Your membership will automatically renew each year.


Lifetime Membership



The Lettering Library ($2137 Value)

The Resource Library ($1297 Value)

The Community ($500 Value)

Full content support

New content, tutorials, and resources every month

Live lettering classes

BONUS courses (Launch an Etsy Shop that Sells, Create a Killer Instagram Account)

Biggest savings $$$

Your membership at a one-time payment for lifetime access.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have an iPad?

Then this isn’t the subscription for you quite yet! This is really designed to learn iPad lettering with the Procreate app. You need an iPad Pro or the most recent iPad (6th Generation, 2018, etc), and Apple Pencil, and the Procreate application. The Procreate application will work on any iPad and Procreate Pocket application will work on the iPhone BUT to get the best results, you do need one of the iPads listed above.

What are some example techniques and topics I'll learn?

Composition basics and advance composition, One-word compositions, letter connections, color basics and how to use color, advanced color techniques

iPad watercolor, basic flourishing, glitter effect, glow brushes and neon effect, 3D lettering

Using common Procreate App tools and settings, how to export and share your work, mastering masks (alpha lock, clipping masks, and more) 

Canvas set up, apple pencil and stylus basics, Importing photos and lettering guides

Adding texture and dimension, shading and 3D effect

How to change the colors of your letters and background, how to edit and adjust your quote layout, how and why to use layers

Create and SELL your own color palette, create and SELL your own Procreate brush

Learning new lettering styles (modern calligraphy, fun print styles, etc)

Endless ideas for practice topics

Finding your creative voice and unique style

And so much MORE!

What if I'm a total beginner? Is this for me?

Yes! TLL is designed for the letterer who needs to nail the basics of iPad lettering. If you are a total beginner, you'll definitely want to start with Phase 01. iPad Lettering Launchpad!

What is the difference between the membership and the iPad Lettering Launchpad course?

The iPad Lettering Launchpad is INSIDE The Lettering Library membership. If you know you want the TLL membership, I recommend bypassing the iPad Lettering Launchpad course because you'll find it inside your membership. The iPad Lettering Launchpad is perfect for the beginner only.

What is the difference between the membership and the Business Blueprints course?

The Business Blueprints is a separate course from The Lettering Library. Inside TLL, I'll teach you ideas for products that you can sell but Business Blueprints will teach you how to turn those ideas into a business.

How do I access the Resources?

You’ll have access to a members-only section on the website where you can download your content.

I work a full-time job...Will I have time to keep up with the program?

Yes! This is a cornerstone of The Lettering Library. This program is go-at-your-own pace but it does have new content added monthly.

What is in the Resource Library?

Every iPad lettering resource you can imagine :-) Hundreds of brushes, lettering guides, and color palettes. Plus so much more. The Resource Library gets new additions each month too!

Do you offer refunds?

When you purchase, you'll pick your length of membership. There are NO month-to-month memberships. No refunds are given for parts of months.

After my last monthly payment, how long will I have access to the content?

For exactly one 30 days after your last payment date. For example, if your last payment was on September 1st, 2021, you'll have access until the following September 30th, 2021.

What support is offered in the membership?

The Community has both Sarah herself and two coaches, Lissa & Lacy. You coaches will always respond to your ideas and questions PLUS your fellow community members! This is a growing and positive community of letterers unlike any other!


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