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Which best describes you?

I have an iPad but have no idea how to get started creating beautiful art and lettering.

I need the basics at a low one-time cost.

This is me!

I'm obsessed with iPad lettering but I feel stuck and don't know what to practice. I want it all - the tutorials, unlimited resources, one-on-one coaching, and a supportive community.

I'm ready to master iPad lettering.

This is me!

I'm ready to turn my lettering hobby into a money making machine. I think this could be a real source of income for me but

I don’t know how to start a lettering business.

This is me!

All the tools you need to start your journey as a lettering artist

In this course, Sarah will teach you how to letter on your iPad, plain and simple. The iPad Lettering Launchpad has everything you need for foundations on lettering and on using the iPad specifically. If you're the beginner who is tired of scrolling through hours of sped-up time-lapses on Instagram, trying to figure out how to even download your brushes or what apps to use, the Launchpad is for you!


  • 5 modules of video tutorials
  • PDF course workbook
  • Procreate brushset (5 brushes)
  • 2 Procreate color palettes
  • PDF & JPG Lettering Guides
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Create consistent progress with iPad lettering and expand your creative lettering skills.

This is the ONLY iPad lettering membership where lettering artists master digital lettering techniques on the iPad while finding their creative style.

This is not just a one and done course...this membership is constantly growing, improving, and changing. Unlock your creative voice and inject personality into your style. Take the guesswork out of your practice sessions! We'll show you exactly what to do to master iPad lettering.


  • iPad Lettering Launchpad
  • The four-part iPad lettering mastery system
  • The Resource Library
    • ALL of the iPad lettering resources. Unlimited Procreate brushes, lettering guides, color palettes, lettering challenges, and more
  • The Lettering Library Community
    • The exclusive community for TLL members only where you can get feedback on projects, interact directly with Sarah, your coaches, and other TLL members
  • New content every month: step-by-step tutorials, resources, and video tutorials added every month
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A course designed to take your lettering hobby into a money-making creative career.

In this course, Sarah is sharing all her small business strategies and takes the guesswork out of starting a business! If you follow these blueprints you will be primed to build a successful businessIf you're a lettering artist who is tired of trying different business strategies without any real direction or clear, concise teaching, Business Blueprints is for you!


  • 5 modules of videos and resources: Sarah shares all her insights on building and growing a lettering business
  • Get Sarah's perspective on how to create your branding, structure your lettering business, create products that sell, choose the platform for you, and market your business. 
  • Workbooks, source lists, exercises, and a 5-step action plan
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