The Lettering Library helps lettering artists master digital lettering techniques on the iPad while creating a passive income in their lettering business.

Most letterers think you need to spend hours every night practicing and participating in #letteringchallenges on Instagram to make progress in their lettering.


After just one month, I can already tell how my lettering has gotten more consistent since joining The Lettering Library. I'm a believer!
Bridgette M
I was stuck in a rut with my style and so I was looking to improve my style and learn new ways of doing things in general. I’ve only started with the library but even in one day it has been so useful already. The practice sheets are so helpful to help learn a style!
Alyssa M.

About Sarah

I'm Sarah and I'm the creator of Hewitt Avenue. I'm a lettering artist, coffee lover, and my obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what they love.

Here, you’ll find I’m someone who gets it--I’ve been where you are, busy and trying to find the time to learn lettering and/or grow a small creative business. Learn the key to making consistent progress in your lettering and finding balance in the busy.

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